Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 3

Between researching for possible case studies to present at the next mayoral training program and translation projects, I attended a JUCCCE-Yuesai press event, featuring Chinese super model Du Juan. The majority of the influential press in China was present to learn about the partnership between JUCCCE and Yuesai, as they relayed the message of hopes for a greener China and the importance of energy conservation.

I also attended a presentation on the topic of “Where does China’s toxic Waste Really go?” This was presented by a journalist at the Beijing Science and Technology Report. It was about her investigation on a strange fact that, the newly constructed toxic waste treatment center in Beijing does not have enough toxic waste to process. After trailing China’s toxic waste, this journalist reached the conclusion that even though environmental policies and laws are in place in China, local officials and factory owners often do not follow them because it is not “cost effective” to obey the law. She hits the nails on the head with her illustrations that corruption is very much a problem at the local level, thus making environmental policies and laws mandated by the central government ineffective.

- Jenny Lin

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